APL - Why now?

14 Nov 2023

APL - Why now? Digitalization has become the norm in the consumer sector. In the process industry >80% of the plants are still equipped with 4-20mA as communication medium. There is the HART protocol based on the 4-20mA signal as digital transmission, but this is very slow in terms of communication speed. With APL, the diagnostic data from the field devices can be transmitted in real time and these are often hundreds of parameters that can then be automatically evaluated thanks to FDI with PA-DIM. In addition, APL technology reduces the wiring effort. Another advantage is the reduced susceptibility to errors during commissioning and the simpler loop check.

Speaker: Thomas Rummel (Softing Industrial Automation GmbH), Ralf Küper-Rampp (Emerson), Florian Hout (Bayer AG)