Symeo GmbH

Radar - Key Technology of the Future

16 Nov 2023

Everyone sees an image in front of them these days when they hear the term "radar," whether through its application in assisted/autonomous driving or on ships and aircraft.

But radar technology is now used much more widely and stands its ground against other sensor technologies that also serve in the perception of the environment. Foremost among these are optical systems such as cameras and laser scanners, but also ultrasonic sensors, which are now widely used and can be almost commonplace. They have reached the mass market and complement technical solutions of various kinds.

But why is there still a need for radar sensors? Why then is radar constantly pioneering new areas of application when there are already mature optical sensors?

The answer is: radar technology brings with it various properties which, compared to other technologies, have considerable advantages that are often without any alternative.

In particular, the high robustness, reliability and freedom from maintenance when used in harsh environments should be mentioned.

Many years ago, the radar sensor specialist Symeo GmbH set itself the goal of cultivating radar technology in an application-oriented manner and transferring its inherent advantages into unique selling points of products.

The presentation by Dipl. Ing. (FH) Daniel Evers, Head of Product, Symeo GmbH, would like to explain these unique properties, their physical causes and the resulting exclusive application possibilities.

The focus here is on the most important characteristic: high robustness, which no other technology achieves in such an economically attractive way.

Speaker: Daniel Evers (Symeo GmbH)