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SAB Bröckskes

Highly flexible cables for Digitalization & Industry 4.0

12 Aug 2022

Flexibility, efficiency and digitalization. This is Industry 4.0 - the trending topic in the German manufacturing industry. End-to-end networking and communication at all levels of the production process can result in significant improvements for companies in terms of productivity and flexibility.

SAB CATLine cables for Industrial Ethernet applications

Exactly what Industry 4.0 will look like in automated manufacturing cannot yet be predicted today. One thing is certain: with increasing networking and communication of plant components, ever greater volumes of data must be transmitted reliably, even under the most difficult conditions. For example, cables and wires are often subjected to enormous torsional loads or extremely high temperatures, especially in industries such as mechanical engineering, robotics or railroad technology, and come into contact with various chemicals, oils or cleaning agents. The topic of durability is also essential in relation to Industry 4.0 in the manufacturing sector.

Assembled Industrial Ethernet cables from SAB

In response to the megatrends of Digitalization and Industry 4.0, cable specialist SAB, with a 70-year history behind it, is presenting itself as highly innovative and currently introducing a series of new Industrial Ethernet cables of category 6, 6A, 7 and 7A, which are not only extremely robust but also ensure fast and efficient data transmission. The focus is on two Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Cables which have been specially developed for the increasing data transmission rates in automation. In addition to the CATLine CAT 7A RT, the world's first robot-compatible CAT 7A cable, SAB Bröckskes presents a drag chain-compatible cable with UL/CSA approval - CATLine CAT 7A S.

SAB does not limit itself to the production of cables and wires, but also offers development support, for example in the area of new communication systems in drive technology, to its customers in automation technology. In the process, customer requirements are translated into new products using SAB's experience as a manufacturer of highly flexible cables. According to the manufacturer, the short-term and flexible production of sample lengths is possible.

The following Industrial Ethernet cables of category 6A & 7A with different designs can be adapted according to customer requirements:

CATLine CAT 7A RT - Robot-compatible, Gigabit Ethernet cable with UL/CSA

The CATLine CAT 7A RT robot cable is suitable for use in harsh, industrial conditions in automation, e.g. subject to high temperatures, contamination with oils and aggressive chemicals.

CATLine CAT 7A S - Gigabit Ethernet flexible drag chain cable with UL/CSA

The CATLine CAT 7A S drag chain cable is suitable for use in harsh, industrial conditions in drag chains, e.g. subject to high temperatures, contamination with oils and aggressive chemicals.

CATLine CAT 6A HT - temperature resistant

The CATLine CAT 6A HT temperature-resistant cable is suitable for use in harsh, industrial conditions at temperatures up to: -90°C/+180°C (stationary) to -55°C/+180°C (moving)

CATLine CAT 7A DR - Coilable CAT 7A Gigabit Ethernet cable

The coilable CATLine CAT 7A DR is suitable, for example, for use in theater technology, in the signal transmission of signal transmission of mobile screen cleaning systems or in high-bay warehouse technology.

CATLine CAT 7A R - Halogen-free Industrial Ethernet cable for railroad applications

The CAT 7 A R data cable compliant with EN 45545-2 was specially developed for use in rail vehicles. It is flame retardant and self-extinguishing according to EN 60332-1-2 and meets the requirements - no fire propagation - of EN 60332-3-25 and EN 50305 sections 9.1.1 and 9.1.2.

CATLine CAT 7A BL - Halogen-free Industrial Ethernet cable for maritime use

The halogen-free Ethernet cable CATLine 7A BL with ABS Type Approval and UL Approval is especially suitable for use in the shipbuilding industry.

Special solutions for special applications

SAB's manufacturing capabilities extend not only to basic types and standard dimensions, but also to special cables designed according to each customer's requirements. Production can be carried out in small batch sizes, which are also of interest for small and pilot series.

Cable manufacturer - SAB Bröckskes is one of the world's leading manufacturers of cables and wires, cable assemblies and temperature measurement technology. Over 75 years of experience in cable and wire manufacturing as well as in temperature measurement and control technology have transformed a one-man operation into a company with almost 550 employees. Its strengths are not only in the production of standard cables and wires, but also in the construction of special articles. Every year, SAB manufactures more than 1500 special cables to customer specifications.


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