DPP4.0 - The Digital Product Passport for Industrie 4.0

14 Nov 2023

With DPP4.0 and the ZVEI show case PCF@Control Cabinet, the ZVEI is demonstrating an industrially viable technical implementation of the Digital Product Passport. DPP4.0 makes it possible to document information about a product throughout its life cycle and make the information available to various user groups. For example, information on the materials used in production or present in the product as well as information on the use phase, such as energy consumption, can be documented and used in later lifecycle phases such as recycling or disposal. In this presentation, Prof. Wegener will describe various usage scenarios of the DPP4.0 using the example of the ZVEI show case PCF@Control Cabinet.

Speaker: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter Wegener (ZVEI e. V. / Siemens AG)