From the digital twin via simulation to the real drive system

14 Nov 2023

Digitalisation is driving changes in electrical drive technology. The ZVEI working group Industrie 4.0 Electric Drive Systems takes a position on this and provides an overview of results achieved and planned projects. Planned topics: Research project Reallabor Antrieb 4.0, submodels digital engineering and simulation

Speaker: Jürgen Dlugosch (Baumüller Nürnberg GmbH), Martin Hankel (Bosch Rexroth AG), Markus Kiele-Dunsche (Lenze SE), Priv.-Doz. Dr. Tassilo Schuster (Fraunhofer IIS), Dr. Falk Eckert (Forschungsvereinigung Elektrotechnik beim ZVEI e.V.), Dipl.-Phys. Stefanie Wiesner (ZVEI e. V.)