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Automation needs more co-creation

9 Oct 2023

An ecosystem is not an ego-system. Its value comes from the combined strengths of different companies. The various perspectives, experiences, ideas and technologies should be combined in a meaningful way. The aim is not only to come up with innovations but also to set new standards and take on responsibility for a better, more sustainable industry.

The operating system ctrlX OS from Bosch Rexroth is the enabler here. As the core part of the ecosystem initiated by the automation toolkit ctrlX AUTOMATION, it has a head start over other solutions in various respects: The operating system is the most modern, open and secure in the field of automation technology and the entire sector is given access to the ecosystem and all digital services.

The fact that everyone – including other providers – can use the system creates entirely new opportunities and business potential for all parties involved. The aim of Bosch Rexroth and the partner companies is to create a new standard for the market – one which allows greater freedom in automation. 

The future lies in microservices

The Linux-based operating system has been in operation on Bosch Rexroth’s control platform ctrlX CORE since 2020. It has more than proven its worth in practice and is ready to be opened up to everyone. ctrlX OS is hardware-independent and can be installed directly on the relevant hardware or used in virtual environments.

Such operating systems are the future of automation. After all, they make it possible to move away from proprietary systems towards open, modular and scalable microservices architectures that will enable a profound transformation of industry in terms of digitalization, connectivity and sustainability. Unlike inflexible monolithic software, ctrlX OS offers maximum expansion options and freedom for users thanks to its microservices-based architecture. Standardized interfaces (APIs) put in place the foundations for a seamless connection between the microservices and peripherals.

An ever-growing world of automation

In the partner world ctrlX World, third-party providers can offer their automation solutions in the ctrlX Store and seamlessly integrate them into ctrlX OS-based devices.

Collaboration with partner companies results in an ever-growing range of automation solutions that can be individually selected for a wide variety of applications, technologies and industries.

Scaling and various application options make ctrlX OS an attractive operating system for industrial automation. It allows not only automation in production but also automated logistic processes and the automation of AGVs/AMRs, robots and quality inspections via image recognition. At the same time, more and more automation providers, partner companies and users are opting to help shape the paradigm shift with ctrlX OS and ctrlX AUTOMATION. As a result, the automation sector can change sustainably for everyone.

The market confirms the need for this. More than 1,000 customers around the world already use ctrlX AUTOMATION and almost 100 third-party providers have joined the partner network ctrlX World and are offering their solutions and apps.

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