Smart Production with Machine Vision: Image Processing for Intelligent Manufacturing

15 Nov 2023

Intelligent manufacturing is more than just a buzzword. People, machines, production equipment and products have long been networked and increasingly communicate directly with each other. Information can be obtained from big data, correlations become visible and usable, also thanks to edge and cloud computing. Integration is becoming easier and easier. Image processing is being adapted for more and more application niches and is thus becoming more important overall. How are plant manufacturers and component suppliers dealing with this? What is the new role of image processing as a whole in intelligent manufacturing? What support and added value does it offer to automation and plant engineering companies?

Speaker: Dr. Martin Klenke (Teledyne Imaging), Dr. Stefan Gehlen (Pepperl+Fuchs SE, Mannheim (DE) / VMT Vision Machine Technic GmbH, Mannheim (DE)), Lars Fermum (LMI Technologies GmbH), Bernhard Wieser (BECOM Group), David Löh (Wiley-VCH GmbH)