MultiNet6G - Holistic view of different wireless communication technologies in the production environment

16 Nov 2023

In the production environment, a variety of communication technologies such as WiFi, 5G, Lifi or communicating radar can be found today or will be in the future. These are often operated side by side without coordination or even integration. The MultiNet6G research project is developing a network of networks with a view to 6G and is investigating how different wireless technologies can be combined in a targeted manner and used for highly reliable communication with low latency. For this purpose, up to four different communication technologies will be combined under one core network. The presentation highlights the vision for the network of networks in the production environment and logistics chains and shows how different technologies are to be connected to a common 6G core network via open interfaces. The starting point for this is a Release 16-compliant overall architecture based on an open-source 5G core network and open RAN components.

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kiess (Hochschule Koblenz), Dirk Heeren (SICK Vertriebs-GmbH)