Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG

The all-rounder in 19-inch format: Charx control integrated DC charging controller for fast charging Stations

1 Sep 2023

The Charx control integrated DC charging controller from Phoenix Contact combines all functions for controlling and monitoring a 19" charging station in one device.

The intelligent control module manages up to five 30 kW power modules for fast DC charging up to 150 kW. It simplifies the planning, installation, and maintenance of the charging station, ensuring an economical and full-coverage fast charging infrastructure.

The Charx modules with a standardized 19" format optimize the planning, installation, and economical operation of the charging station. The coordinated power electronics enable efficient conversion, distribution, and storage. Compared to the classic assembly with DIN rail components, the modular design with the Charx system in the standard 19" dimension significantly reduces the complexity of a DC charging station. The 19" standard and Push-in fast connection further simplify fast installation and maintenance – both during installation and when replacing the modules. This allows electric vehicles to be charged intelligently and quickly.

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