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Guided Tours at the SPS

Our Guided Tours bring together highly qualified visitors from Germany and abroad with innovative exhibitors. 

Tour 1 - Machine learning and AI, Predictive maintenance

Tour 1 - Machine learning, AI and predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance has been a topic of industrial automation for years. Suppliers are increasingly trying to enrich their solutions with machine learning or AI tools.

This Guided Tour will show what distinguishes a modern and reliable predictive maintenance solution and at the same time will show the potential that lies behind machine learning and AI.

Experience how close and complementary these two topics are.


Machine learning meets industrial automation: At SPS, Beckhoff demonstrates the entire process for the application of machine learning with standard automation technology, from data acquisition and training to the execution of models in the machine controller.


With its "Deep Learning" exhibit, SICK is showing intelligent sensor solutions that, in contrast to pure pattern matching, can autonomously detect abstract objects with the help of artificial intelligence.

Hitachi High Technologies

Cheaper, faster and instantly - that's the trend in industry and especially when it comes to producing goods. We present use cases where it was key to identify and eliminate invisible loss of time and to reduce non-productive time from the petrochemical and chemical industry.


Our real-life show case is derived from one of our actual automotive projects and addresses the following major issues regarding predictive maintenance:

  • Consistent system view
  • Data integrity
  • Machine-readability
  • Data volume
  • Data variety

Tour 2 - Industrial security in manufacturing

Tour 2 - Industrial security in manufacturing

Nowadays cyber attacks on businesses are practically an everyday occurrence. During this tour, our exhibitors will show what precautions and protective measures companies can take in order not to experience a security disaster in manufacturing.

Guided Tour A


CIP Security™, the enhancement to EtherNet/IP™ technology to address cybersecurity, allows for devices to defend themselves using industry standard, widely adopted technology. CIP Security can stop a “man-in-the-middle” attack using TLS and DTLS.

Videc Data Engineering

In this specific application, we show how a virus introduced unnoticed to an automation network is safely detected by IRMA and how it can be eliminated. Furthermore we demonstrate how to better protect the network against future attacks.


Get to know our complete solution for safe access control and learn how to implement both machinery safety and industrial security together in practice.

Guided Tour B


How can you use a switch to protect your production from cyber attacks? We will show you what a honeypot is and how you can provide more security with the right software and central data management.

Phoenix Contact

Experience certified 360° security with Phoenix Contact: on the guided tour "Industrial Security in Manufacturing", we address possible targets in manufacturing, organizational and technical protection options as well as important standards that you should observe.


A global supplier of glass refining technology and leader in manufacturing of heat treatment machinery for glass is developing its services with the help of the easy and secure TOSIBOX® connectivity solution for remote access and data collection.

Tour 3 - Cloud ecosystems

Tour 3 - Cloud ecosystems

What will data handling look like in the future in manufacturing? What role will an edge computer, a factory-wide cloud or even a higher-level cloud from a provider like Amazon or Google take on? On this tour, our exhibitors will explain their strategy for a modern data infrastructure.

Guided Tour A


#empowerthefield – 97% of all device data from the field level is untapped. Experience "live"; how you can unleash exactly these hidden potentials.


We use material or tank monitoring to show how data is generated and how it can be accessed and used via a higher-level cloud.

MPDV Microlab

Get to know the open platform architecture of MPDV's Manufacturing Integration Platform (MIP) and possible deployment scenarios. Find out which companies are already part of the ecosystem and how they can benefit you!


Electrical Engineering - WSCAD SUITE: 6 discipines, 1 platform, PLM/ERP integration, including 1.4 million items of part data, Augmented Reality App.

Guided Tour B

Phoenix Contact

At this tour stop, Phoenix Contact provides information on new ways to network intelligent sensors directly with the cloud, for example, to constantly monitor the condition of a production facility in terms of availability using modern analysis systems.


HARTING and PerFact showcases the Digital Twin of a Smart Factory live at the SPS. The Remote Service solution combines RFID with edge and cloud computing to provide improved maintenance management and high availability (OEE).


At SPS 2019, EPLAN presents EPLAN ePULSE. The cloud-based system enables control and switchgear construction to access current engineering data at any time.


The ADAMOS HUB is a software solution for manufacturer-independent access to applications and data for mechanical and plant engineering.

Self-Guided Tours

As an interested trade visitor you can do the Self-Guided Tours on your own and directly talk to the exhibitors at their exhibition stand.

Handouts with all relevant information about both tours are now available for download. You can also get the handout on site at the Guided Tours Counter in NCC Ost.

Self-Guided Tour – Machine learning and AI


On this tour, we show how manufacturing, warehouse logistics and the level of automation work seamlessly together.
This tour is all about optimize monitoring and implement new business models.

Hall 5, booth 5-358


A gesture control needs to be installed to control production units when keyboard input is not possible. To accomplish this task, PHYTEC offers an AI kit to assist you in taking your first steps towards the user AI.

Hall 7, booth 7-654

Self-Guided Tour – Predictive maintenance


macio shows solutions concerning the item Predictive Maintenance for a real customer project. The user interface developed by macio GmbH for the professional catering dishwashers in the UC series was created together with the customer Winterhalter.

Hall 5, booth 5-163

Roth Steuerungstechnik

IOT Retrofitting – the ROTH Group offers individual retrofit solutions for hardware as well as software to modernize older systems holistically and to prepare them for predictive maintenance.

Hall 6, booth 6-150J


Melanie Schmidt

Junior Exhibition Manager – Hall 1

Melanie Schmidt

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