FAQ for exhibitors to the SPS Connect

Special times also raise new questions. We have tried to answer the most important questions for you in advance. If you still have any questions, our contact persons will be happy to help you at any time.

General questions

The response to the SPS Connect has been very positive. Although many regret the cancellation of the SPS exhibition, the SPS community is looking forward to joining the digital meeting place for the automation industry in November.

Many exhibitors, and especially the entire Exhibitor Advisory Board, have already confirmed their participation. The platform has also attracted great interest from visitors, so we expect a successful first SPS Connect.

Unfortunately, a binding statement on the number of visitors is understandably not yet possible. In 2019, the SPS welcomed around 64,000 visitors, all of whom will be invited to the SPS Connect again this year through extensive marketing and PR measures. The varied and informative program inspires the potential visitors and then, in combination with the low logistical effort, ensures a high level of attractiveness and participation in the SPS Connect.

No, the SPS Connect has no capacity limits.

This year, we at Mesago Messe Frankfurt, have held all of our events exclusively in digital form. This has enabled us to gain a great deal of experience in this area over the last few months. During this time, we not only put various platforms to the test but worked with differing event concepts suited to the relevant target groups. This is always of top priority: it is vital that the concept is geared to the target groups and brings them together to drive developments in the industry.

The SPS Connect is not a virtual exhibition. This means that there will not be any virtual Brand Rooms in which exhibitors are represented by virtual exhibition stands and through which visitors navigate. The design and structure of the SPS Connect is more oriented towards business-social-media platforms.

Instead of a booth, every company has their own profile in the SPS Connect. There is no opportunity to present another company. So being a co-exhibitor is not possible.

The aim of our marketing activities is to attract visitors and exhibitors, who were part of the physical SPS, for the SPS Connect. In addition, we hope to acquire further target groups who could not participate in the fair in Nuremberg so far as the event frees up their time. For this reason all our communication channels are focused on the SPS Connect. Starting in October, info mailings will be sent out regularly to all potential participants. On our social media channels we regularly report on the highlights of the exhibitors and from our lecture program; our press and media work is also geared to the contents of the virtual platform to draw as many people as possible to the virtual highlight of the automation industry.

The on demand content will also be integrated into the communication channels of the SPS after the SPS Connect

Exhibitor packages

An upgrade of your exhibitor package is possible at any time. As soon as the SPS Connect is online you can also upgrade your package directly on the platform.

We offer a wide range of participation options for a higher visibility before, during and after the SPS Connect. Further information can be found here.

Privacy policy

For us as organizers, protection against the misuse of data is very important. For this reason the SPS Connect complies with the current basic data protection regulations, i.e. no personal data is passed on.

Exhibitor Guide

We offer you a live chat as well as support site within the SPS Connect platform. This site includes How-to videos and an Exhibitor Guide.


All exhibitors who registered up to early October have received their access details on 9 October 2020. Exhibitors who registered at a later point will receive their access details with their participation confirmation.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to send you a test account in advance. However, you will receive a How-to-Guide as well as explanatory videos in the coming weeks, these will demonstrate the functions.

There is no registration deadline. If you want to have sufficient time to fill out your profile and invite your customers, we recommend that you register as soon as possible.

Exhibitor profile

An exhibitor list will be available on the SPS homepage. From here interested parties will be directed to your exhibitor profile at the SPS Connect.

We can send you an example of an exhibitor profile by e-mail, which contains all requirements. Please get in contact with us.

For the company description, 2,000 characters are available. However, we recommend a shorter text with all the information at a glance with approx. 150 - 200 characters.

It is not necessary to select all product groups directly. This means that you can add the product groups independently at any time.

If a video is included in the booked package, you can integrate a live stream into your profile via an URL. The SPS Connect supports several popular video platforms, such as YouTube and Vimeo.

No, the platform does not have two levels. For this reason it is necessary that all information is entered in both languages in the respective field. Although the visitor has the option of setting up the SPS Connect in German or English, the self-filled fields in the profiles are not translated.

The profiles of the team members can be filled in individually. The position of the team member can be seen in the company overview. Unfortunately, it is not possible to allocate products in the product profiles.

Continuous availability is not necessary. You have the possibility to enter attendance times in the employee profiles. We recommend that you plan for a certain degree of availability over the days of the event in order to benefit as much as possible from the exchange and interaction based on matchmaking. In addition, someone should manage the chat requests on your company profile.

Starting with a comfort exhibitor package, it is possible to embed a streaming. You can use our 100% discount code for digital tickets as an incentive for your customers and invite them to the live stream on your SPS Connect company profile.

The image film as part of the Comfort and Premium packages can be embedded in your company profile via a YouTube or Vimeo link, so there are no requirements.

Yes, just click on your personal profile, then on View Profile. Your company profile will be displayed at the bottom of the page. Please click on the profile to view your company profile.

Product profiles and product groups

You have the possibility to store individual product profiles in your company profile. These are separate pages that can be enriched with a video, pictures and text to inform the visitor in the best possible way about your product portfolio.

The product groups serve to cluster your company, just like at the SPS in Nuremberg. At the SPS Connect the product groups are one of the bases for matchmaking.

No, the product profiles must be created individually.


On the exhibitor side, the product groups that you can fill and update in the exhibitor profile serve as a database, on the visitor side, the interests that are asked during registration are taken into account.

In the background, the probability is calculated to ascertain how well exhibitors and visitors match. Based on this calculation, all participants receive contact suggestions.

Based on further information such as transaction data, search patterns and existing contacts, further contact recommendations are automatically made.

Yes, the extended runtime of the SPS Connect is one of the advantages. You can make appointments one week before or one week after the interactive week. Beyond this period, the chat function is always available to you, allowing you to contact visitors at any time.

You will find all the appointments you have made for the duration of the SPS Connect and events you would like to attend in your agenda, clearly arranged and in one place. An export to your external calendar is also possible.

Leads/invitations for visitors

The touchpoints include every interaction that a visitor can have with you as a company.

The platform area “Leads” contains profiles of those who have had an interaction with you, one or more team members and/or your company during the event.

The number of connections on the platform does not depend on the touchpoints, as you as a company can also proactively search for additional leads.

The exhibitor profile can be viewed by anyone at any time. In the case of an exhausted contingent for the touchpoints, only you as an exhibitor can no longer see exactly who has visited your profile.

Of course, you can upgrade your profile at any time and thus expand the contingent.

You have the possibility to download a contact list via the platform. This list contains all persons who have connected with one of your team members or your company or who have scheduled a meeting. The list contains the name as well as the name of the contact's company. We recommend to ask for further contact data in direct exchange with the respective persons.

Via the visitor list you have the possibility to find more new contacts. In this list you have the possibility to filter by different criteria.

A visitor has several options to find you on the platform. These include a full search, contact suggestions or even the exhibitor list.

To invite visitors to SPS Connect, we recommend a marketing campaign by e-mail or post. You will receive a discount code of 100%, which you can make available to all your customers. Afterwards your customers can purchase a ticket via our ticket system and get access for free to the SPS Connect. If you need further advice on this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The discount code is provided free of charge to exhibitors and can be sent to as many customers as you like.

No, due to data protection reasons this information cannot be provided.


In addition to a camera, a microphone and a stable Internet connection are required for virtual meetings.

50 people can be invited to a virtual meeting. Additionally a 1to1 chat function is available.

Unfortunately it is not possible to record conversations via the SPS Connect platform.

It is possible to arrange a meeting even if the visitor has not yet expressed interest. The chat function will only be activated when both participants have expressed their interest.

The open roundtables of all exhibitors take place at the same time. These can be found in the agenda. Seats (max. 50) will be allocated according to the first come first serve principle. There are no specifications regarding the content of a roundtable.

Virtual meetings can be held and tested from 16 November 2020.


You can store press conferences (videos) and other press material in your profile, similar to the product profiles. This information is made available to the press in a list called "Press Channel".

You can fill the press pages with an image, a link, a video, a linked document and a description. What you make available there is up to you. Please turn to our support page for the according manual.

Lecture program

a combination of live and pre-recorded presentations. In order to enable active interactions for all participants, the focus is on live contributions from our studio. All lectures from our main agenda will be available as on-demand content.

Furthermore, exhibitors have the possibility to integrate a link to their individual video material or live stream in their exhibitor profile.

Since the SPS this year will be a purely virtual and not hybrid event as originally planned, it's all forces go when it comes to expanding our lecture program.

The first keynote speakers have already confirmed their participation. Information about the speakers and the overall program will be available on our homepage soon. Furthermore, a mailing with further information as we have it, will also keep you up to date.

We are working on the contents of the lecture program. The first keynote speakers have already confirmed their participation. First information about the speakers can be found here. Further details will follow shortly.

Any presentation must reflect the main topics of the SPS Connect lecture program:

  • Artificial intelligence and intelligent operating concepts
  • Cyber security and IT in manufacturing
  • Industry 4.0 | Digital twin
  • Sensors and industrial communication
  • Robotics, motion, functional safety and DC-infrastructure

How you prepare this presentation is up to you. You have the option of recording a presentation live or making a recording available.

Of course you are free to come to our studio in Stuttgart for live presentations. However, it will also be possible to take part via a remote set-up. Pre-recordings are possible and will be agreed upon bilaterally based on individual needs.

The SPS Connect will be conducted in English and German. The presentations will be translated simultaneously so that everyone can benefit from the entire SPS Connect.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to invite a visitor to a specific lecture. We recommend that you use a marketing campaign through various channels to draw attention to your presentations during the SPS Connect.

Do you have further questions about the SPS Connect? We are here to help!

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