Do you need a VISA to participate at the SPS?

If you need to apply for a VISA, please get started right away!

Special regulations regarding COVID-19

Please bear in mind when making your travel arrangements that, in addition to visa requirements, there may be special regulations for travelers from certain countries as well as restrictions on entry for travelers from all third countries due to COVID-19.

The websites of your countries’ embassies provide information on specific entry, quarantine and virus testing regulations.

For further information you can also contact our service partner INTERCULTURAL CONSULTING at or +49 201 8304437.

We support you with your VISA

In 2013 the arrangement was issued that applicants requesting a visa to visit trade fairs in Germany will as a rule no longer be required to submit an invitation letter from the trade fair company in question. Read more in the official notice of AUMA.


In case you need an invitation letter, you may contact our partner, INTERCULTURAL CONSULTING. INTERCULTURAL CONSULTING has been assigned by Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH to deal with invitation formalities. On behalf of Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH they invite foreign visitors, exhibitors, conference speakers and conference participants to SPS 2021.

They need the following information for those who are to be invited:

  • Full physical address of the company (no P.O. Box address)
  • Full name (as written in passport)
  • Date of birth
  • Passport number
  • Name and address of the company the person works for and position in the company
  • If you would like to apply for a visa at a general consulate instead of the visa office at the embassy, they need the address, telephone and fax numbers of the general consulate.

For your convenience, we have enclosed a form you can fill out.
If you do not use the form, please make sure to provide all the necessary information.

The person to be invited must have health and accident insurance coverage during his / her stay in Germany. The insurance has to be recognised by the German Embassy and it has to be proved there. In addition, the purpose of travel has to be proved. It is also helpful if you can prove that you have already reserved or booked accommodations.

The embassy or the consulate makes an effort to issue the visa within a few days. Although, depending on the local situation it can take 14 days or longer until the visa application is processed. Furthermore, a longer waiting period is possible in certain countries or during peak travelling times. In order to ensure that the process goes off smoothly, we recommend you to inform yourself in good time about the waiting period or processing period at your embassy or consulate.

The following documents have to be presented for the application:

  • Passport
  • Passport picture
  • Original application for issue of a visa
  • Proof of purpose of travel
  • Written invitation
  • Proof of health and accident insurance coverage
  • Helpful: Proof of accommodation

The visa application with all necessary documents should always be personally submitted to your local embassy or consulate. In order to avoid subsequent demands for documents you should contact your embassy / consulate in good time and ask about local particularities in application procedures.

INTERCULTURAL CONSULTING will send you the following documents together with the invitation:

  • Written invitation
  • Letter from Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH in which their assignment is stated
  • Passport copy of the owner of INTERCULTURAL CONSULTING

If you engage INTERCULTURAL CONSULTING, they will send you the invitation and the corresponding documents by fax. At the same time, they will send the invitation and the corresponding documents to the German Embassy or Consulate by fax. Furthermore, the original documents will be sent by courier to those who are invited or to the company for which they work. INTERCULTURAL CONSULTING also maintains contact with the embassy to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

INTERCULTURAL CONSULTING unfortunately must charge a service fee to cover their expenses. According to their price list, the current fees are as follows:

  • 65 Euro per person (invitation in one week, maximum)
  • 25 Euro express surcharge (invitation by fax in one day)
  • approx. 85 Euro fee for shipment per postal address

Upon receipt of your order, INTERCULTURAL CONSULTING issues the invitation and puts together the documents. Then you receive a bill from INTERCULTURAL CONSULTING by fax. Upon receipt of your payment, INTERCULTURAL CONSULTING issues the invitation (in a week or a day with express surcharge), send it to you and the embassy by fax and then send you the originals by courier. Please note that INTERCULTURAL CONSULTING can only issue the invitations when the fax bill sent to you has been paid.

For further questions please refer to the FAQs document.