Hygiene concept
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Hygiene concept – Feel safe at the SPS

Current information on exhibition planning – as of April 2021

For over a year, the international automation industry has had mainly virtual encounters; personal contact was, and is, limited to a minimum due to the pandemic. Based on the positive developments in the national and international vaccination campaigns, we are optimistic about the fall 2021 and are already working with great enthusiasm on the physical SPS in November.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact the SPS team at any time.

We look forward to welcoming the SPS community in person in Nuremberg in November!

Our safety precautions

The welfare of all participants is our top priority, which is why we have worked with NürnbergMesse to develop a concept to protect everyone. The generous proportions of the Nuremberg exhibition grounds and the experience as an organizer of major international trade fairs offer the best conditions for maximum security.

The hygiene concept as well as the measures described below a will be continuously adapted to the pandemic situation.

Organizational processes and measures

The Bavarian State Government has set a maximum number of visitors, which is based on the exhibition space. Measured by the number of visitors to the SPS in recent years and due to the size of the available exhibition grounds, no visitor restrictions can be assumed.

Ticket sales and voucher redemption take place exclusively online. The tickets are available on your mobile and allow contactless access. This means that all trade fair participants are registered and authorized to access the fair in advance. By registering, we ensure that the public health department can quickly identify contact persons in the event of a corona infection.

Cashless and contactless payment will be possible in all areas on the exhibition grounds. 

The NürnbergMesse is equipped with an innovative digital navigation and information system. This enables us to disseminate information accurately, control visitor flows and point out current regulations.

A medical team will be present at all times – from assembly through the entire duration of the exhibition to dismantling. Paramedics and doctors will treat medical emergencies directly on the site. If necessary, they will be assisted by the public rescue service. In addition, a hygiene officer will be on site.

In order to offer all trade fair participants the greatest possible safety, the applicable hygiene and clearance rules on the exhibition grounds are communicated by signage, hall announcements and trained personnel.

Hygiene measures

You will find hand washing facilities and hand disinfectant dispensers at all important locations on the exhibition grounds.

Contact surfaces (e.g. tables, handrails and door handles) and sanitary facilities are regularly disinfected and cleaned for your safety.

To ensure the minimum distance of 1.5 m, partitions made of glass or plastic are installed at all counters on the exhibition grounds.

The exhibition halls, convention center and entrance areas are equipped with modern ventilation systems that operate with maximum fresh air supply and allow separate supply and exhaust air control. This means that we can guarantee a complete exchange of air multiple times every hour.

Rules for social distancing

A number of measures have been taken to ensure that all trade fair participants can maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 m from each other.

The pre-defined number of participants per exhibition day ensures that the density of people on the exhibition grounds can be controlled.

In order to relieve the aisle and avoid congestion, we provide Corona-compliant communication zones in all halls. Please make use of these if, for example, you are waiting for your next appointment.

Appropriate measures to maintain distances, such as floor markings and partitions made of plastic or glass, ensure that there is sufficient space in the entrance areas. 

Professional queue management ensures that queues are avoided.

All exhibition forums are designed in such a way that the minimum distance of 1.5 m can be maintained.

Frequently used aisles will be widened to support participants in maintaining the minimum distance in the exhibition halls.

We, the organizers and the authorities are certain that with these measures we have created a framework that guarantees the safety of everyone, even in Corona times, and still offers you appropriate trade fair quality.

For the safety of all participants we ask you to follow the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute:

Please maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 m between people throughout the exhibition grounds.

In principle, all persons over the age of seven are required to wear masks in the interior of the exhibition grounds. The mouth-nose cover can be removed at the table on exhibition stands, if the minimum distance of 1.5 m can be safely maintained – provided that the incidence of infection remains low.

In outdoor areas, it is mandatory to wear the mouth-nose-covering as soon as the minimum distance cannot guaranteed. Therefore please always carry a mask with you. Should you forget or lose your mask, standardized mouth-nose covers are available for you at various locations on the exhibition grounds.

We continuously check whether and to what extent it is necessary to wear a mouth-nose cover. Please note that a face visor does not replace a mouth-nose cover.

We strongly recommend frequent and thorough hand washing. Hand washing and disinfection facilities are available for you at sufficient distance.

We kindly ask you to observe the usual sneezing and coughing etiquette.

Only visit the SPS if you are in good health. If you have had contact to Covid-19 patients in the past 14 days, show acute, unspecific general symptoms or respiratory symptoms of any severity you are precluded from the exhibition.

If you have typical Covid-19 symptoms during your visit to the exhibition grounds, please contact the local medical staff immediately and leave the exhibition grounds. The medical staff can be found in the Operation Center, in NCC East or can be contacted by telephone on 0911 - 8606-7000.

Only visit the SPS if you are in good health. If you have had contact to COVID-19 patients in the past 14 days, show acute, unspecific general symptoms or respiratory symptoms of any severity you are precluded from the exhibition.

Latest information on entry requirements

It is generally possible for trade fair participants from abroad to enter Germany, as they are considered business travelers with an urgent need to travel. Trade fair participants must provide proof of their participation in the trade fair when applying for a visa or when entering Germany:

  • Employees of exhibiting companies must present a confirmation of their participation in the fair from the trade fair organizer.
  • Visitors to the trade fair must present their entry ticket to the trade fair and additionally provide proof of an appointment for a business meeting with at least one exhibitor at the location at the trade fair.

Further information can be found here.

Before departure, please check with the Federal Foreign Office of your home country about the current entry requirements.


We highly recommend you to install the Corona-Warn-App from the Federal Government on your mobile device at least 14 days prior to the event.

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