26. – 28.11.2019 Nuremberg Tickets & registration

Exhibition grounds

Here you can find an overview of the exhibition grounds, including a map of the grounds, delivery points, and more.

Plans of exhibition grounds

The hall plans are expected to be available from mid-september 2019.

Service on site

The restaurants, snack points and visitor zones open during the exhibition can soon be found on our website and in our exhibition guide.

The information points for visitor and exhibitor enquiries can soon be found on our website and in our exhibition guide.

You can find lockers at all entrance areas. You can hand in coats, jackets, or bags at the cloakrooms free of charge at any time.

Instructions for free Wi-Fi:

  1. Choose network: NuernbergMesse_Wi-Fi
  2. Start browser and visit any website. You will be redirected to the landing page of the Wi-Fi portal.
  3. Scroll down up to „ Welcome to the WLAN Portal of NuernbergMesse“ and klick "If you still not have an access code…".
  4. Scroll down up to “Our WLAN packages” via navigation keys and click “Use free account“.
  5. Accept terms of use and click „Login“ NuernbergMesse_Wi-Fi. You've got free access, up to 10 Mbit/s.

You can withdraw cash at any time with an EC (debit) card or any major international credit card at the cash dispensers located at the middle (“Mitte”) and eastern (“Ost”) entrances..

In the event of an emergency, we are here to help you. First aid can be found in the operation center (middle entrance) and at the eastern entrance.

Lost/found items can be picked up/dropped off in the facility office (middle entrance and/or eastern entrance).

During the exhibition, an oratory will be open for all religious denominations.

Copies of industry journals are available free of charge at the trade press stand in Hall 3A (stand number 160).


The NürnbergMesse exhibition grounds are entirely barrier-free. The middle entrance is accessible at ground level. The eastern and Frankenhalle entrances can be reached by elevator. Details regarding elevator access at the eastern and Frankenhalle entrances are provided below.

Upon presenting a valid disability ID, you can use the VIP parking spaces near the entrance free of charge. 

From the Frankenhalle, you can reach Hall 11 by taking an elevator located to the right of the stairs. The eastern entrance can be reached easily by elevators located to the right and left of the stairs.

The following sanitary facilities will be freely accessible to visitors with disabilities during the event: middle entrance, operation center, Service 5/6, Service 7, parking garage, eastern entrance (ground floor).

To visit the event, you can rent a wheelchair from the Bavarian Red Cross (BRK).

  • Standard wheelchair (free of charge upon presentation of personal ID)
  • Electric wheelchair (first day: 100 Euro, each additional day: 50 Euro)

Please contact the BRK at least 14 days prior to your visit. On shorter notice, please be sure to call the BRK directly.

Phone: +49 (0) 911 8606-6209

You can also discuss the best place to pick up your wheelchair on the event grounds with the BRK.

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